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Condition Yourself for a Great Spearfishing Experience

Going spearfishing is a growing widespread recreational activity in many parts of the world today. Australia, Norway, United States, and United Kingdom are just among the typical hot fishing and diving spots for the sports aficionados. If you’re interested in organizing a spearfishing getaway, here are some tips to help you get started on your […]

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Bear Grylls Knife – A Cut Above The Competition

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro is the newest version of the Bear Grylls Gerber knife collection. The knife is a complete redesign from the original. They basically went back to the drawing boards to make a seriously nice knife. Despite the original Bear Grylls knife being the best selling knife in the world, it had […]

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Freestyle Scootering: Enjoying the Sport

Kick scooters have come a long way. From being a simple plaything for kids, it is now a well known action sport for teens and adults. If you have not seen freestyle scootering, it is basically the same as skateboarding and BMX freestyle. The difference is that it uses kick scooters that are specifically designed […]

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