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Golf’s Super Swing Review

Golf’s super swing review. Golfers are forever listening and reading about the newest and best golf swing. How it will take twenty or thirty yards off their drive once you connect properly with the ball. Well let’s take a look at some of these methods and see for ourselves if they are true or not. […]

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Learning Golf Chipping

Learning golf chipping. A lesson on how to chip onto the fairway from an awkward lie. Also how to chip onto the green from a close up position, and tips on how to chip out of sand bunkers. Eliminate the golf shank from your game now. Your drive from the fairway to the green has […]

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Camping Essentials: Tips For Passionate Campers

Are you contemplating going for some winter camping this year? Some of the goodies camping is known to offer include complete isolation and access to beautiful nature, but you’ll first have to learn about a few camping essentials in order to turn it into a comfortable stay. In this article we’ve included some general tips […]

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AFL All-Stars Night?

Why not an All-Star type set up? I’m not talking about an All-Star game or the old state of origin, our game is just too tough and physical for a friendly game between teammates with too much of a risk for injury. I think some All-Star challenges would be something different to consider. Here’s a […]

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