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Considerations When Purchasing Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Not all variations of artificial grass are suitable for children’s outside play areas. For instance, some synthetic grass is designed for landscaping purposes while others are more suitable for sports fields. Knowing how to determine the right type of grass for playgrounds is important when creating a safe play environment for children. How to find […]

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Learn How to Play a Variety of Sports at Summer Camp

One of the most fun-filled and exciting parts of sleepaway camp is learning all kinds of new sports. Although lots of kids have been involved in athletic programs like T-ball, soccer, recreational basketball and swimming lessons since they were little, summer camp exposes them to a wealth of new sports and also lets them play […]

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What Makes a Student Athlete?

Most people can agree that when a person is in school, school needs to be their first priority. Sure there are friends, jobs, sports and other distractions, but getting the best education you can while you are still in school should probably be the highest goal. That being said, there are ways to find a […]

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What To Expect From A Sports Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is a profession that pursues a ‘whole person’ method to achieve health and wellbeing. The patient is actively involved in their treatment and personal care, through education, empowerment & awareness. The practitioner helps to restore the movement and function of people affected by illness, injury or disability. Their services come handy in maintaining the […]

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Outdoor Summer Activities That Promote Health And Happiness

Summertime is an opportune time to engage in swimming, hiking and fishing, activities that will boost your health and happiness. Like any other season, summer comes with its positives and negatives. The summer should be exploited to the maximum, especially when it comes to leisure activities. There is no better time to sample the marvels […]

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